About Massey Tyre Retreading

Massey offers Tyre Retreading since 1987

If we are going to manufacture a new tyre, it will take approximately 70 to 80 % cost in tyre body and the rest 20 to 25% in tread the portion of tyre that meets the road. Hence when we cover by applying a fresh new TREAD over the body of the old and worn tyre then this whole process is known as ‘ tyre retreading’. Massey tyre Retreading is the best and efficient tyre cut repair and cold retreader of Noida and in Delhi NCR. We started our business in 1979 and In Noida we established ourselves in 1987. We are also a renowned and leading Second Hand tyre Dealers, Second hand Car tyre dealers, Tyre Retreading Services, Tyre Rubber, Tyre Resoling, Tyre Retreading Cold, Tyre Retreading Cold-Indag etc. We only provide Precure process or we can say cold cure of retreading which is also very much famous in foreign countries. It is very expensive to buy a new tyre hence we provide retreading to lower the cost of tyres and we have years of experience in this domain. We provide the best services in this domain from more than decades and hence developed thousands of satisfied customers.