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Tyre is an important part of any vehicle. Long ago we use different different materials to make tyres but in this time we use Synthetic Rubber, Wires with Carbon Black and mixture of chemicals. A tyre has two components Body & Tread. Body provide space for filling up compressed air while Tread helps in traction. Tread stay in contact with road so due to fraction it starts wearing & tearing after a finite time. When tyres tread fully fledged then chances of skidding increased & may leads to Accident. In this case we have to need purchase a new tyre for our vehicle. Shopping of a new tyre is costly we suggest you Tyre Retreading instead of it. . For this you can contact to Noida’s oldest tyre retreading Company the MESSEY Tyre Retreading which is in your service since 1987. Tyre Retreading is the process in which we apply a new Tread on tire through some technique. It is cheaper than purchase of new tyre. It is more reliable & secure method to save money. It gives a new life to your old tyre. We are the leading tyre retreading service provider in Noida, Delhi & NCR. Our Service is superfine with inexpensive price. You can contact us for any Tyre relates issue.

We provides following Services

1 Tyre Retreading of all types

2 Second hand Tyre Reselling

3 Tyre Resoling

4 Tyre Rubbers

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